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About wagamama

every day in every way we strive to be better than the day before

be you. be wagamama

what does it mean to be wagamama? it means following the rules. but our rules aren’t the usual rules. are we telling you to cover up your tattoos? no. are we telling you to cut your hair a certain way, wear your clothes a certain way, take out your piercings before your shift starts? no way. our rules are anti-rules. they’re designed to set you free, so you can be yourself, express yourself and have an amazing career. be you. be wagamama

the wagamama way

wagamama is a different place to eat. we opened our first restaurant in london, uk, in 1992, creating food inspired by the dishes of japan. we’ve been spreading positivity from bowl to soul ever since. whether it’s the raw energy and natural power of our juices; a huge bowl of ramen noodles; a rich curry or steaming donburi, we cook with flavour, heat and love – using only the freshest ingredients that can make our dishes sizzle, sing and stir the soul. two decades on and we’re bringing the wagamama way to the usa

our attitude

behind every great wagamama experience are great wagamama people. we celebrate diversity, individuality and personal freedom. we’re never afraid to say what we believe in. never afraid to be different, be bold and to stand out. our manifesto, our wagamama ‘rules’ and our anti-cloning policy prove we don’t do mindless corporate talk. we’re authentic, genuine and very honest – just like the people we hire

employer manifesto

what does it mean to be part of wagamama? it means bringing something different to the table. having the confidence to express yourself. to let the inner you out. spreading positivity from bowl to soul. from place to place. from person to person letting your personality warm hearts and win friends. it means being in on something special. having something to share. it means fresh ingredients like training, rewards and career progression to add to the unique fusion of personality, integrity and natural talent that we call you. be you. be wagamama

our anti-cloning policy

wagamama doesn’t recruit drones, we don’t run our restaurants using robots, we don’t turn our people into clones, who you are matters, the way you are makes the difference. we like different people, people who interest us, who’ve done interesting things, who can be themselves in front of customers. after all, interesting people make interesting restaurants. there's nobody like you, that’s why we like you

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