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wagamama anti-rules

(be free to be yourself)


be you

some of our people have pink hair, tattoos and piercings, some don't. being yourself is the most important thing you can do at wagamama. be you, be confident, enjoy yourself and make the most of every opportunity


be more than your job

we're inspired by japan and the philosophy of kaizen. we're always improving, always thinking of ways to get better as people and as a business. so you can be as ambitious and as free-thinking as you like


keep everything fresh

we only use fresh ingredients for our food and we like everything else to be fresh too. fresh ideas. fresh thinking. starting everyday with a fresh, rejuvinated sense that anything is possible. because it can be, here


be different

cooking sensational ramens, chillies, salads, curries, donburis and sides means working as a great team, that doesn't mean we're all the same though. there's lots of room for different people


set wagamama free

wagamama is made to be shared. we think if you feel good during work, you'll take that good feel factor home with you, take it onto social media, take it to the people you know and love, and spread positivity from bowl to soul. our job is to make you feel good. your job is to pass it on


be rewarded

we love our people to feel the health, wellbeing and positive sense of contentment that wagamama inspires in our customers. so you're rewarded, looked after and appreciated here

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